Please note:  I am unable to accept insurance

I will evaluate your nutritional status via:

Physical Functional Evaluation (in person appointments) – this entails utilization of reflex palpation points along your body in which you will provide a tenderness rating that correlates with your organs. This helps us both determine which body systems and organs to focus on. Together, we will then determine your nutritional deficiencies via Lingual-Neuro Testing.

Comprehensive Interview – this entails a comprehensive electronic health questionnaire, a health-history questionnaire, food journals, and supportive clinical documents from your previous health practitioners. From this information, I am able to understand your health challenges, dietary intake, and lifestyle contributions.

Nutritional Recommendations – this entails a detailed plan for you to follow which targets the highest nutritional priorities to help you get back into nutritional balance for better health and vitality.

Nutritional Therapy

Includes Physical Functional Evaluation (in person appointments), Comprehensive Initial Interview, and Nutritional Recommendations

Initial 20 Minute Telephone Consultation – FREE

Initial Appointment – $175 (90-120 mins)

Follow-up Nutritional Therapy Appointments

Includes Physical Functional Evaluation (in person appointments), Follow-up Interview, and Nutritional Recommendations

Follow-up Appointments – $150 (60-90 mins).  Typically, follow-up appointments are monthly (based on your individual needs)

Reiki Therapy

30 Minute Session – $90
60 Minute Session – $150

Supermarket Tours

Learn how to:

  • Shop for your specific diet
  • Read and understand food labels
  • Choose the healthiest produce, seafood, meat, and poultry

Supermarket tours (individual tour) – $90
Supermarket tours (small groups) – $45 per person

Pantry Clean-Out / Makeover

As an add-on to your Supermarket Tour, I will help you to clean-out your pantry of unhealthy food and ingredients and to replace them with high quality, nutrient dense, healthy foods which are specific to your health needs.

Pantry Clean-Out / Makeover – $35 (as an add-on to Supermarket Tour)

Cooking Classes

As an add-on to your Supermarket Tour, I will teach you to cook healthy dishes specific to your individualized nutritional recommendations. You buy the groceries, I will teach you how to cook the dishes in the convenience of your home.

Cooking Classes – $50 per dish (as an add-on to Supermarket Tour)